Sony SmartBand Talk review

The Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 is a trial, an approach to make wearable tech that conflicts with the grain a bit. While Samsung, Motorola and LG are for the most part fighting to influence a definitive Android To wear watch, this little wrist tracker takes a couple of more signals from the Pebble smartwatch.

It doesn't have an interface imparted to heaps of other savvy gadgets that'll get more extravagant and more extravagant as the months pass. You will never play recreations on the thing, except if somebody hacks the component in.

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It's straightforward. Also, perhaps that is OK. For a few people, perhaps that is more than OK: awesome, even. What Sony's out to do with the Sony SmartBand Talk bodes well in a market where regardless we're seeing what we really need wearable tech to do in our lives.

Just the cost is somewhat of a staying point. At £130 (US$169.99, AU$199) it's more than the most recent cost for the first Pebble or LG G Watch. Of course, it can accept calls as well, yet for a great many people that is a side fascination, best case scenario. This band is entirely costly for what you get.

Sony Smartband Talk survey

The SmartBand Talk looks more like a wellness tracker than a watch until the point when you see the immense big time read-out on its screen. It would appear that a contraption, that is sure, yet it's generally a quite harmless nearness.

At 24g it's so light I really overlooked it was on my wrist now and again, this originating from somebody who doesn't wear a conventional watch without stopping for even a minute.

There's no genuine top of the line feel here as the tie is elastic as opposed to calfskin or metal, however it's exceptionally agreeable. It's a result of the light weight, as well as the path the back of the SmartBand Talk is delicately bended to coordinate a great many people's wrists. It absolutely coordinated mine.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

The Sony SmartBand Talk accompanies two lashes also. That you can expel the tie isn't excessively evident from the begin, as it fits in close consistently with the center plastic part that holds the screen, snared set up with plastic stays on the back.

This kind of an outline is something to be thankful for, regardless of whether it had me pondering whether I had the thin arms of a young lady while using the most secure setting bar. Rather, there are little and bigger ties and, beyond any doubt enough, I had the bigger one connected.

Sony Smartband Talk survey

It utilizes a catch style system to keep the band appended to your wrist, with minimal metal mushrooms you push through the tie's gaps to anchor it. It's not all that much, but at the same time is low-complain, even contrasted and a standard watch lash.

How little you need to consider the SmartBand Talk is one of its extraordinary qualities. It's water safe, and I wore it in the shower every day with no issue.

It's ensured to the IP68 standard, which means it's absolutely dust-verification and can be submerged in water. As ever, you're just intended to dunk the Sony SmartBand Talk in new water: so no swimming in the ocean, or swimming pools. The salt and synthetic substances in those waterways are sufficient to discount them: do as such at your own hazard.

Sony Smartband Talk audit


The little part that is essential to this waterproofing is a little elastic top that fittings up the microUSB port used to charge the Sony SmartBand Talk. The rest is as of now prepared for the wet stuff.

Genuinely little, light and agreeable, the plan isn't showy yet it works. You can likewise get more beautiful ties, if the decision of a dark or white watch simply isn't sufficiently lively for your tastes. The screen you should observe however.

Dissimilar to huge name smartwatches like the LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360, the Sony SmartBand Talk utilizes an e-ink show. It's only 1.4 crawls crosswise over and offers goals of 296 x 128, which is entirely low.

Sony Smartband Talk survey

Low goals matters considerably less in an e-ink screen than a LCD one, however. E-ink utilizes modest minimal white and dark microcapsules that are raised and brought down to frame a monochrome picture, and accordingly you don't get the 'bitty' look that low-res LCD screens can have, as their showcases are really made of specks of red, green and blue with dark bits in the middle.

What results is a screen that, while a bit jaggedy, is simple on the eye. E-ink doesn't utilize a screen backdrop illumination or any type of lighting, which means you're helpless before encompassing light to see the screen.

The Talk all in all needs a smidgen of light to be clear, however in unadulterated haziness you're in a tough situation. You can likewise upset the show, in spite of the fact that I found the standard view clearer.

Sony Smartband Talk survey


Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite utilizes a sharp light cast over the front of the screen to influence its e-to ink show obvious during the evening, however I figure we'll need to hold up until the point that the following manifestation of the SmartBand Talk.

Why e-ink when it's monochrome and not lit? It's about battery life. E-ink just uses noteworthy power while changing what it shows. Keep the picture the same and it depletes for all intents and purposes no vitality.

For this situation, that change happens each moment, once per minute, when the time changes. It appears the screen is as yet one of the fundamental power draws as battery stamina didn't change excessively relying upon my level of movement. More than two of long stretches of utilization I got three days or somewhat finished, each time.

Sony Smartband Talk survey

That is significantly more than the day and a half you may escape a LG G Watch R, however is at last very disillusioning still. The Sony SmartBand Talk has only a 70mAh battery: totally minor. The Pebble watch goes on for five to seven days, which is the thing that I'd have get a kick out of the chance to have seen here.

It's not simply watches the SWR30 needs to rival either. Wellness trackers for the most part keep going for more, for example, the multi day Fitbit Flex and the Garmin Vivofit, which endures an entire year.

The screen isn't contact touchy in the way of a cell phone either, yet you can alarm the telephone by giving the Sony SmartBand Talk two in number taps, which sets off the accelerometer.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

Generally, however, I wound up utilizing the metal catches in favor of the band. There are three, a 'power' catch and a volume rocker. When you're out on the town squeezing the power catch takes you to the information screen, where you can see your day's action, which is in my book the principle purpose of the SmartBand Talk.

There's so little interface to the Sony SmartBand Talk it's relatively diverting. There's the screen that discloses to you the time, your action screen and that is it, in any event when it's initially removed from the crate.

While you can accept calls and pipe through warnings to the band from your telephone, these fly up as and when required, just to vanish without a follow, never to be dug up again.

Sony Smartband Talk at Amazon Marketplace for $65

Like most wellness trackers, you have to snare the Sony SmartBand Talk up to a telephone or tablet to utilize it appropriately. The two convey utilizing Bluetooth 4.0.

There's a devoted SmartBand Talk application that gives you a chance to change the kind of settings you simply don't approach in the band itself. These incorporate picking whether to get notices and calls, regardless of whether to utilize the alert and the smaller than normal watch applications you need to see on the Talk. I'll investigate precisely what's on offer in the following area.

Sony SmartBand Talk survey

Be that as it may, shouldn't something be said about wellness? The band is intended to guide into the Lifelog application, which tracks the majority of your action. Not simply practice either, but rather what number of photographs you take, how much music you tune in to, what number of diversions you play. The Sony SmartBand Talk is only a piece of it.

Its following is additionally really restricted. At the season of keeping in touch with, it's intended to track strolling and running, utilizing rhythm location.

At the end of the day, it's an accelerometer-based pedometer with enough smarts to realize that the runs of your body will be somewhat snappier when you run, contrasted with strolling.

There's no GPS and, more relevant among this horde of trackers, no altimeter. This estimates how high up you are, and in some Fitbit wellness trackers is utilized to perceive what number of flights of stairs you've climbed. Obviously Fitbit believe will probably walk up structures than mountains. A reasonable presumption.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

You can set an objective for every day, except that is the degree of the constancy to the following here now.

There are a couple of dissatisfactions in this. In the first place, it doesn't bolster rest following, yet. Sony says this will be actualized in time, however it's not there at present. This is quite baffling when a large number adversaries have offered it for some time. It's somewhat late for a tracker like this to offer 'coming soon' additional items as essential as rest following.

You additionally can't subcontract your following information to different wellness applications, as you can with a considerable number opponents including Android Wear trackers. In the event that you don't care for the way Sony Lifelog works, you're improved the situation now.

I can trust that the Sony SmartBand Talk API may open up, yet it appears somewhat idealistic when Sony's spotlight will be on working up Lifelog, not offering choices.

Sony Smartband Talk survey

The Sony SmartBand Talk wouldn't fulfill standard sprinters who'll need a GPS observe either, or the individuals who need to rival their wellness band owning companions on the Fitbit or Endomondo stages. It doesn't show at least a bit of kindness rate sensor, either, which is winding up more typical in wellness trackers constantly.

I likewise observe wrist-worn trackers to be far less precise than ones worn on your belt. It's the idea of the mammoth, as you move your arms when not really moving around much more than whatever is left of your body. This is the thing that prompts trackers like the Fitbit Flex to offer genuinely poor precision.

The Talk isn't ludicrously liberal with its means in the manner in which a few adversaries are, however. A lot of wrist trackers over-report your figures.

I do likewise like the manner in which the screen gives you a chance to look at your every day steps figure and your season of strolling/running for the day with the press of a catch. Screen-less wellness trackers don't get you this and it takes away a significant part of the enjoyment of utilizing one.

What can the Sony SmartBand Talk do separated from reveal to you how frequently you've put one foot before the other? New out of the container, not all that much.

As a matter of course, you'll get notices to the band, much the same as you'd find in the notices bar of your telephone or tablet. You simply get that, however: warnings. Try not to hope to peruse your messages, even the ones the warning alludes to. Just the principal bits of data are accessible.

Sony Smartband Talk at Amazon Marketplace for $65

Obviously, a great deal of the time that is precisely what you'd need on a gadget like this. You become more acquainted with who your messages and messages are from, an entirely decent sign of whether you'll need to look at them on your telephone or not.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

On the off chance that you need a smartwatch that can do for all intents and purposes everything your telephone can, however, the SmartBand Talk isn't what you need.

The other fundamental piece of additional usefulness is, as the name proposes, telephone calls. You can have calls fixed through to the Talk. It has a little speaker worked in, and a receiver. You can see the outlets for these on the band's underside.

The Sony SmartBand Talk's speaker is far too calm to slice through much encompassing commotion, and as a result of the less coordinated way you'd accept calls with the band, a multi-mic dynamic clamor undoing format wouldn't generally work too well here. That'll be one reason for what reason there's only a solitary mic.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

There remains the most imperative issue: why in the world would you need to accept approaches the Sony SmartBand Talk? Not exclusively is the lucidity more awful for the two gatherings, you'll look quite senseless as well.

The alert capacity feels more suited to the band. A vibrate engine and the little speaker let the SmartBand Talk piggy-back off the caution settings of your telephone to wake you up. Being woken-up from your wrist takes some becoming acclimated to, however it'll make the Talk the full all day, every day bundle once rest following has been actualized.

There are different highlights accessible, yet you have to include them in the SmartBand Talk application. It's accessible for pretty much all Android 4.4 telephones, not simply Sony ones.

Calling these little additional items applications may exaggerate it however, in spite of the fact that I envision Sony may add more additional items to the Sony SmartBand Talk in the coming months.

Sony Smartband Talk audit

The most valuable of the parcel is the music remote. Working much like a solitary catch remote on the in-line controls of your headphones, a strong tap on the band works like a play/stop catch, and you can switch forward and backward with different taps.

I found this considerably less responsive than really utilizing an in-line remote, however this goes with the job more often than not when utilizing a Bluetooth controller instead of a wired one. Idleness may not be radically terrible with Bluetooth, but rather it results in a discernible defer more often than not.

You can likewise include a pack of others, again genuinely essential things yet exceptionally critical to the SmartBand Talk's having the capacity to offer something beyond a wellness tracker with a clock. You download these as applications from Google Play, yet you can see the posting of what's accessible from inside the SmartBank Talk application:

Savvy Camera: tap to take a photograph, with your telephone/tablet, not the band (which has no camera).

Climate: Display temperature and climate details for your picked city.

Savvy Control: Toggle a chose highlight on your telephone (Wi-Fi, telephone speaker, radio) or demonstrate the telephone's battery level.

Voice Control: Lets you converse with the SmartBand keeping in mind the end goal to issue nuts and bolts charges to the telephone, for example, 'Call X', 'What is the climate' and 'Read last SMS message'. You should be very particular in the wording of your inquiries, however else it works sensibly well. Similarly as with any voice collaborator, however: will you utilize it?

Voice Recorder: Lets you converse with the SmartBand Talk like Captain Kirk emoting without end to his tricorder. The documents are then saved money on your telephone/tablet.


On the off chance that the SmartBand Talk is able to do all these additional bits, for what reason would they say they are not pressed in from the begin? All things considered, the more you pack in, the more slow the band feels. It isn't so much that the real gadget backs off, yet that you have to go through these small scale applications thus with a specific end goal to utilize them, by squeezing the catch as an afterthought more than once. On account of the moderate revive rates of the e-ink screen, this is certainly not an awfully smooth process.

It's best to keep as few of these smaller than expected applications on-board as could be allowed. For my utilizations, for instance, I hurled out everything bar the wellness tracker, the media control and the climate 'gadget'. This kind of application stack out gives you a decent adjust of highlights and speed. All things considered utilizing the Talk with even only eight applets feels depressingly heavy.

Sony has done its best to work with the constraint here, however, giving you authority over the request of these applications.

A reasonable number of savvy style highlights are on offer here, however each is exceptionally fundamental by outline, and the SmartBand Talk essentially doesn't work too well on the off chance that you grasp excessively numerous of them.

Samsung Gear Fit

The Samsung Gear Fit offers a considerably snazzier-looking shading OLED screen and shows at least a bit of kindness rate sensor, while getting you genuinely comparable keen highlights.

In any case, it doesn't generally contrast with the Talk as far as sheer instantaneousness when you pare the Sony down to its essentials, and the lighter Sony band 'vanishes' on your wrist substantially more effectively. Battery life is around the same for the two groups: around three long stretches of strong utilize.

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 audit

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Fitbit Charge/Flex

Fitbit offers a few wrist-worn wellness trackers, including the Fitbit Flex and Charge. The principle distinction is that the Charge utilizes a full (however minor) OLED show while the Flex simply has little pips that reveal to you that you are so near achieving your day by day steps target.

Sony Smartband Talk at Amazon Marketplace for $65

You don't get the warnings and smartwatch highlights with a Fitbit, yet both offer better outsider application bolster and the Charge has an altimeter.

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 survey

Fitbit Charge

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Rock observe

There are two Pebble watches, the first and the Steel variant, yet on account of its lower value the first is likely the fiercer opponent for the SmartBand Talk.

It offers a comparative style and comparable equipment, with a somewhat chunkier outline. Keen highlights are comparatively straightforward, however the marginally more prominent four to multi day battery life and less expensive cost are enormous wins for the Pebble. Those inclination flush might need to experiment with the seven-day-stamina Pebble Steel.

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 survey

Rock Steel

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LG G Watch R

What about an Android Wear watch like the LG G Watch R? It'll give you a chance to take an interest in the smartwatch upheaval to a degree that the SmartBand Talk basically won't.

You'll get much more propelled coordination with your telephone than the Sony gives. Be that as it may, watches like the G Watch R can appear work-in-advance endeavors, for the most part on account of their battery life.

With around multi day stamina, current Android Wear watches won't really outlive your telephone.

Sony Smartband Talk SWR30 survey

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Sony SmartBand SWR10

Sony additionally makes a considerably more reasonable band, the SWR10. This takes out most highlights, and doesn't have a show.

Rather, you get wellness following that synchronizes out of sight with your telephone, and a vibrate work that channels up at whatever point you get a call or content. It's fundamental and tragically doesn't supplant a watch. Be that as it may, it costs £50 (around $75, AU$95) making it somewhat of a deal.

The Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30 is anything but difficult to live with. It's unbelievably light and I didn't experience the ill effects of any skin aggravation issues amid our tests. It's not for individuals after the simple most recent brilliant highlights, however as a clock in addition to wellness tracker, it's entirely perfect.

Be that as it may, it feels somewhat overrated. At £130 (US$169.99, AU$199) you're paying a reasonable piece for innovation that is not as much as forefront. I have a sneaking doubt the cost will drop before too long, however, which should make the Talk less demanding to prescribe.

Sony Smartband Talk at Amazon Marketplace for $65

We preferred

The light edge influences the SmartBand To talk extremely agreeable to wear nonstop, without distress. I saw no aggravation caused by the rubbery band either.

The e-ink show looks a ton more pleasant than a low-res LCD in light, and experiences none of the view edge issues customary showcases can experience the ill effects of.

At the point when entrusted with light obligations, the Talk feels fast and advantageous, exchanging amongst parts and an essential notices pager, watch and wellness tracker effortlessly.

We hated

Three-day battery life is satisfactory, yet nothing more. Considering the utilization of an e-ink screen and the minor 70mAh, it appears a botched chance that the SmartBand Talk doesn't have no less than 5-multi day stamina.

This is definitely not a genuine wellness tracker, with no altimeter, no GPS and no pulse sensor. For a wrist-worn gadget precision doesn't appear to be too awful, however it won't be first class either.

The more shrewd highlights you connect to the band, the more drowsy it is to work. Keep your smartwatch desires low so as to have the best involvement with this band.


While somewhat costly the Sony SmartBand Talk is agreeably straightforward in equipment and interface. It offers a smartwatch and wellness combo for those not very made a fuss over encountering everything the smartwatch upset brings to the table.

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