Obiano, FG blackmailing us-IPOB

Indigenous People of Biafra,
IPOB, has accused Governor
Willie Obiano of Anambra
State, as well as the federal
government of scheming
to label them a violent
organisation in order to divert
the attention of the world from
their quest to actualise Biafra’s
Reacting to the alleged
disruption of a church service
in Anambra State on Sunday
in which Obiano was present,
IPOB denied ever sending
any of its members on such
assignment, claiming that the
people were hired to cause
commotion in the name of
According to a statement
signed by its spokesman, Emma
Powerful, the Ekwulobia
incident was staged-managed
by Obiano and federal
government security agents
to arrest and detain IPOB
members, probably as a result
of their resolve not to allow
election to be held in Anambra
until a referendum is organised.
While insisting that they
are a non-violent organisation
bent on actualising Biafra
through the due process of selfdetermination,
the statement
said “IPOB and its leadership
worldwide under the command
of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu accuses
the federal government,
Obiano and some politicians
in Nigeria of recruiting
uneducated individuals and
students in the universities to
infiltrate IPOB in order to label
it a violent group.
“These government
contractors mobilised people
who went to a Catholic church
to harass its members in
Ekwulobia in order to create
room for security operatives to
begin to arrest our members in
Ekwulobia and environs.
“IPOB leaders and members
are very intelligent people who
cannot be involved in any act
of violence. It is crystal clear to
all and sundry that IPOB under
Kanu remains non-violent in
the pursuit for Biafra’s freedom
and we cannot change our
method of peaceful approach
towards its restoration. The
election boycott in Anambra
come November this year
remains but it cannot cause any
“We are aware that some
politicians and security
agencies employed some
uneducated individuals and
groups to harass the general
public in the name of IPOB
“Some government
contractors printed IPOB
t-shirts and Biafra’s flag with
huge amount of money to be
shared to the hungry youths
to claim to be IPOB members
under Nnamdi kanu.
“We are advising the general
public to beware of fake IPOB
members who were paid by
politicians to cause confusion
in Anambra and states in
Biafranland,” the statement

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